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My buyer hasn't responded for a week

My buyer hasn’t responded for a week now. I didn’t exactly place the order so i have no fear of the delivery time running out. But i have completed the job and I’m looking forward to the payment because I’ve put in two weeks of my time into this project. I have no idea what to do.


If the buyer did not place an order and has not been back for a week then more than likely they will not be back.

Do not start work on an order until the buyer has genuinely placed an order or all of your work could be for naught.


Excuse me for interfering. Doesn’t Fiverr take the client’s funds into a safe fund? So if the work is completed, you can collect.
In the same way, does not your money withhold 15 days, so that if the work is really not well done, the client has a return or percentage of it?

I’m new, and I don’t really understand how it works at all. But because of the commissions they charge here, I thought they had more vigilance and labour arbitration. Control of scam, fake accounts, etc … good luck with that.


Yes, but OP said she started working before she had an actual order. That is never a good idea!


Yes. I know what you mean. But this buyer was really sweet and i kept sending my updates of work and she loved it all. I don’t know think she’d just disappear out of the blue like this. Could it be possible that she’s in some trouble and not able to reply? I know I’m counting on odds here but has that ever happened to anyone?


It is difficult to say, today we all have almost access to the internet on any mobile. But a week anything could have happened.
In any case, if the client was pending an order, it is reckless and irresponsible, except in cases of force majeure, not to attend to him. You play with people’s work.

I did not fully understand, the client did not take the gig? or did you not introduce him to the gig? I do not understand how you can expect to charge a project if it has not been presented or completed. I say it from ignorance, but it seems reckless.

I would never start a project, if the client has not taken this as ok. Likewise, having milestone helps a lot to at least secure part of the collection. And not finish a part of the work, if it has not been paid. You lose less work, and less money.


Initially she sent me a message to write a story for her daughter. I kept writing about two pages everyday and send the updates to her. She liked it all and always replied to my messages but since a week she hasn’t.

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But did she place an order?

There are shady people :imp: people on Fiverr who will string a seller along and be all nicey-nicey until they get the order through messages and then disappear.

If your buyer did not place an order she just robbed you.

There are buyers on Fiverr who will take your free work and sell it on another platform as their own.


Shit! Now i know i was just being stupid. I work with another buyer too she didn’t place any order but after I completed the work i placed an order n delivered the work the same day. I thought this would be something like that too. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been. Thank u so much for your replies :slight_smile:


I only start work on an order if the buyer is a regular who has placed many orders!

The last time I trusted someone was a new to me buyer who needed something fast and placed a 24 hour order.

However, she had more words to proofread than the gig included and said if the article was larger than the gig package she would pay for the extra words. I sent her a gig extra and got to work. Then it was nearing my bedtime and I did not want to stay up all night waiting for her to accept the gig extra so I could attach her document. So, I delivered the order and asked her to accept the gig extra, She did not.

I felt cheated, but all I was out was the amount of the rush fee if it had been a regular order. I could have cancelled right away, but I did not want my stats to go down as I had already had to cancel two orders where students booked gigs to get homework done.


It sounds like an order wasn’t placed?

Without an order you have zero protection, and you won’t be paid.

You must never do any work without an order.

Sorry, but this is a rookie mistake.


The buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works.

If you bypass this you will have worked for free.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Everything is explained there in great detail.

Everyone needs to read the Terms of Service before buying or selling anything on Fiverr.


@meghanacgowda realized that when she said :arrow_down:

Not always a rookie mistake. :wink: If you read my last post in this thread, you will see I felt trapped enough to finish and deliver work before it was paid for.


I have faced same problem when I was new here, didn’t know so much about how fiverr client’s work.
As usual, when freelancer joined here it shows in profile that they’re complete new at fiverr because of joined date and no review and some of client asked to do work and said they’ll order after this work is completed but eventually they didn’t pay.
There’re many hidden challenging things happening here to recognize who’s your ideal customer at the beginning of fiverr career. :neutral_face:
But once you’ll get order from some good client and you’ve experience then this platform will be easy and cool like what I’m feeling now :relaxed:


Don’t trust anyone please :wink:
I had a client and I did work for her two times for store setup work and store update work with two order. And third time she told me to send me a custom offer for some website update work.
So I have sent custom offer and did that work with accepting that offer, because I have trusted her, I thought maybe she’s busy and I’ve worked for her before so she’ll pay for that work.

And without payment i did that work and when I have complete that work i told her to accept that offer so I’ll get paid. After that she didn’t respond me as this work is done and after sending several message she told she will make order in future …it was so wired :neutral_face: I have wasted my two days for that work and it goes as a free work. :zipper_mouth_face:


if the buyer did not place an order then you have no protection from fiverr. always ensure that you have an order before you can put your skills into action. never trust any buyer more so if you are a newbie as they will run away once you are through with the project.


Yes. I have realised it now. I’m new here and this person was only my second client. I blindly trusted her which i shouldn’t have. Gonna be careful from now on. Thank u everyone for sharing your views and experiences🙂