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My Buyer is about to Cancel his Order Fiverr is ignoring our request for their assistance

I hope the Fiverr’s Director of Customer Support sees this discussion. My Buyer bought my Gig yesterday and I advised him to upload the link for the video which he did. I contacted customer support over a day now and the Buyer also contacted customer support to let them know that I have not received permission from Fiverr to begin his transcript. This is a bad experience for the Buyer who has a lot more work to give to Fiverr. Someone from Fiverr please help before the Buyer cancels his order.

Why would you need Fiverr to give you permission to do anything? You are selling a service to transcribe and buyers can buy your service. Fiverr just provides a site for these transactions but otherwise they are rarely involved. It looks like you have reviews and have done this work before, so I don’t really understand.

Fiverr typically does not respond to tickets quickly, it can take a few days and it isn’t a large staff that handles tickets. When they do respond, their first response is always for buyers and sellers to take care of issues between themselves. Why don’t you just do the work and deliver it instead of having the buyer cancel?

I don’t think you need permission! Just go ahead and start your work.

I cannot start the work because it is not telling me on the TO DO page to start and I am not seeing the section to upload the work when it is completed for me to be paid

Reply to @jamat222: That means that your buyer has not paid and bought the gig yet.

YOu need to be paid before you start the work. Are you sure the buyer really bought your gig? Or did they just tell you that they bought it and you advised them to upload their video?

Did the buyer get a proper receipt/email from their payment processor that a payment was made? This may be between the buyer and Fiverr and not you.

My buyer bought the Gig, I got that notification from Fiverr and I can clearly see that the Buyer paid, the problem is the uploading of the video which the buyer said he did but Fiverr has not updated.

Reply to @jamat222: Honestly, it sounds like he just hasn’t submitted the information correctly. He just needs to look at his own to-do list which probably has a place for him to click to finish giving you the required information. If he clicks that and sends you anything at all it will activate his order. Fiverr can’t really help with this if the buyer does not understand how to finish placing the order, but he doesn’t need to cancel, he just needs to complete the requirements for the order.

My Buyer said he already uploaded the information.

Reply to @silberma1976: If it isn’t showing up in the sellers to-do list, even if the buyer uploads the video in dropbox she can’t get paid. The buyer has to write something in the requirements area to make the gig move forward and even though he may have uploaded the gig in the message box, it sounds like he missed a step. I’m guessing partly from what the seller describes, but I haven’t heard anyone else with bugs in order placement today, so I’m betting the buyer doesn’t understanding what to do.

My Buyer has rectified the problem. Thanks for your comments