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My buyer is asking me to provide my credential


It has been almost 2 months , finally :smiley::smiley: I read -before three days- the message of my first buyer ask me to do a review .

I explained how I work , His reply: " yes i hope to work you however my company is asking me to provide the credential of the reviewer. Would you be able to provide?"

What does mean / Credential / ?
What do you think about this reply ? This is normal?:thinking:

Answer me please!


As far as I’m aware you don’t have to provide anything which says you are who you say you are.

You seem to be describing yourself as a medical doctor - I assume this is what you’re being asked to prove?

Fiverr is an anonymous website so you don’t have to give any more info if you don’t want to. On the other hand, if you are providing a medical related service I can understand why your buyer wants to make sure you are what you say you are.

If in doubt, ask CS to be on the safe side.


Credentials meaning your qualifications, accolades, education in XYZ field. However, I wouldn’t share anything revealing as far as your identity and whatnot.

Also, the username says Doctor Sandy.


and How can I describe myself as a medical doctor ?
Do I send a certificate proving that I am studying medicine?


Well your avatar picture and username offer a big hint!

What does your buyer think you are and what do they need to prove you are what you say you are?

We could all hop on here and claim we’re doctors, but if your buyer needs some proof you’re not an imposter then you’ll need to give them something? Not sure how this would fit with CS to be honest?


He said that he need verify my credential as a certified doctor in practice.



Perhaps ask CS if you can give them a copy of that then.

If you can’t provide it, i’d just suggest they find somebody else to be honest.


OK; I will think about it.
Thank you very much to help me


Aren’t you a student, not a certified doctor?


Yep, I see why it can be confusing for people. Either you’re a Med student or already obtained your doctorate degree.


Be aware too, you are using the image of a doctor stolen from the internet. I looked. The image you are using is not you, nor is it your image. This may turn off potential buyers because you are presenting yourself as someone you are not.

You are NOT the female surgeon in the image you are using to represent you. This would, personally, make me NOT want to trust you if I was a buyer, because I expect my medical professionals to be real people, honest people, and present themselves as exactly who they are. You’re not doing that.


@doctorsandy A credential is something that proves you are a doctor.

It might be a good idea not to call yourself a doctor unless you actually are one.

No it’s not normal for someone to ask for the credential of someone calling themself doctor on fiverr. Most people know you aren’t one and don’t have a credential.