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My buyer is disappear

I got an urgent order from the buyer on 16 august. I delivered the work within 16 hours. But my buyer was absent and appeared near about 3 days later and requested modification. I made revisions according to his instructions and send him a copy without delivering the work
I was of the view that he may appear next and if he has any revision that time, I’ll do and will deliver the work.
But unfortunately, it’s now 4 days and he is still disappear.
Should I wait for him? I was of the view that if in his absent my work marked complete automatically, may he give me less star rate. Anyone who experienced this type of situation, please guide me.

Your buyer could just be busy, especially over the weekend. However, you sent him a copy without delivering the work (not sure why you would do that). However, it won’t mark complete until you do so.

You should deliver it again. The buyer will get an email stating his order is ready. If he doesn’t respond, the order will be marked complete in 3 days. There’s no reason for the buyer to give a lower rating simply because the order was completed by the system.


If you are worried about a review, you could state something in your delivery message like ‘If you haven´t got time to check the delivery within the 3 days after which Fiverr automatically marks the order as ‘complete’, you are welcome to message me, in case of any problems with my work.’


Thanks @vapeskorea. Actually I didn’t deliver the work because I thought I must because I am new one and would not want to get disputes at early stage.

Thank you @miiila.
You’re idea is great and surely, I’ll add this line to my GIGs.

Please deliver the modified work, or your buyer will have a legitimate reason to start a dispute.

Just click on the ‘redeliver now’ button.

Thank you for your nice advice.

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Same just happened with me, except that the buyer was never seen, oh and that there was no buyer and no order and no sale… and yea 0 buyers left 0 stars review.