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My buyer is not finding an option how to give me the rating and review after the order gets automatically completed?

My order gets automatically completed after 3 days and now the buyer is not finding an option how to review and rate my work?


Your buyer will find the rate button at the bottom of the order page

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Tell your buyer to use a desktop view, it will not show in mobile app after it gets automatically complete


Thankyou so much I will surely tell him how to give me a review and ratings.

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Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, I was also thinking might be he was using a fiverr mobile app thats why he was not getting an option on the mobile screen.

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I have had a few buyers tell me they couldn’t find any way to give me a review also, and as you say it must be due to them using the app.


May be the case is difference. But a my regular buyer rated my 23 days past work yesterday. That order was marked automatically completed. He came back yesterday and gave me 5 star.