My buyer is not responding? Help please


My buyer has asked for a confusing revision and I have asked for clarification but they have not responded in over 2 days. I am past my due date due to the fact that he has not responded and I am unsure about how to revise the work. I am starting to feel like he has just cheated me into giving him free work :frowning: He has been online multiple times yet seems to be ignoring my messages. Please help ? I do not want an ā€œincompleted orderā€ because my customer will not communicate.


You must meet what your client needs.

Then you will get many clients in the future


I do not think itā€™s funny


I was only feeling concernedā€¦ Was not sure if he was trying to get out of paying for my work. Please do not be rude about it, I am new to fiverr and have been scammed before so I am only being cautious.


Ignore any other answer on here. Redeliver the same work as before and simply stateā€¦ you have asked for a revision but have not supplied any information. That stops the countdown and then the ball is once again in his courtā€¦ if he still ignores you then thatā€™s a good thingā€¦ in three days the job will auto complete.


Just resend the old work and make it his problem!
Simple :wink:


Well maybe donā€™t ignore all the other answersā€¦


Please only respond with helpful comments.


You can always flag off topics comments :slight_smile:


Yep, already did. Just wanted to let him know personally.


Thank you all so much. I had figured out the situation by using the advice you guys have given me. Appreciate it lots :heart: