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My buyer is not responding to my messages for 2 days. Can I go for mutual cancellation since I have only 24 hours time left?


I’m new here and I need some suggestions about an issue that I’m facing with.

I received an order from a buyer 2 days ago. We communicated over messages first, he sent me the files that I have to work, and we agreed on the price and deadline. I sent him an offer and he accepted it by sending me an order. At the order I saw there were more files than we agreed first. I sent him messages to ask why his files at the order are different from those he sent me in messages, but he didn’t answered to my messages. Anyway, I decided to start working on the files we agreed first in messages, and also I have updated him with my work progress.

Now I have 24 hours left to deliver my order, but I’m not sure if I have done everything correctly and I don’t want a bad review, since I have asked him some questions but I haven’t received any response since he sent me the order. I’m thinking for a mutual cancellation, but I’m not sure if that is going to affect my ratings, and if the countdown of my order stops when I choose this option (because I don’t want the order to be delivered late, as I heard that for mutual cancellation it will take up to 48 hours before being automatically completed by Fiverr if he doesn’t respond to the request).

Thank you in advance for any suggestion :slight_smile:

It’ll affect your cancellation rate either way but the worst kind of cancellation is considered to be the one you request and the buyer ignores. According to the CS, it’s “the one that affects your account negatively”. Probably because it counts as non-mutual and non-mutual = double bad.

You can contact the customer support, inform them about the situation and ask them to cancel the order (based on the fact your buyer is unresponsive you have a good case here). Or, you can deliver the files as per your initial agreement and hope for the best but in my opinion it looks sketchy and a cancellation would be a better option.


This is worst feeling ever. I too got and order the requirements at start were different from what I had to work. The price I charge for such was 2 times more than what he order. I am still working and done a lot of revisions however the buyer is atleast good and knows he is wrong but still I fear that buyer can anytime leave -ve review that is worst.

So I am trying to meet the buyer expectations and rather than cancel and review save myself. Its worst to fear but we have to maintain the rating

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Thank you very much for your help and your opinion! I really appreciate it! :blush:

I think I’m going to contact CS to cancel my order :confused:

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Thank you very much for your opinion and for sharing your experience :slight_smile: