My buyer is not responding


Well I delivered order to my buyer,but after that he never responded,I saw that he wasn’t online for 1 week so I don’t know what do I need to do ? I mean order is done,and I need to wait maybe couple more days to get money but still.He didn’t leave review or anything.


He got your order and you will be paid once the order is marked complete after 3 days, and then will go into pending clearance for 14 days.


No you dont need to. The order if delivered will be marked automatically complete after three days by fiverr and you will get your money. If he want, he can review you later when he see your work .


Some buyers never acknowledge receipt of the delivery or leave a review. It’s a bit annoying but there’s nothing you need to, or can, do. The order will auto-complete after 3 days.