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My Buyer is not transparent

I had a job with my seller whose name is “**********” I ask for my source code after the completion of my job. He refuse to give me and now claim that he indicated it in his gig, whereas, there was nothing like. Then the next thing he does was to block me. I can’t get to him again. Is that how thing or matters are been handle? Fiverr should search out all this bad eggs and send them out from this platform.

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please remove the seller name. sharing any seller or buyers username is against forum rule.

You cannot post user names here. What you say may be true but it is against rules (and even laws of slander). I suggest you remove the name - the story can stay so long as it does not identify anyone.

I am sorry that you have had a frustration but your story is a little hard to understand. If a buyer has a thing stated in their Gig they must deliver that. If you just assumed, then they do not. if you can no longer confirm, maybe talk to Customer Service as they can help. We can only give suggestions (that are as accurate/vague as your story).


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If it is written in his gig description that he doesn’t provide a source code within your gig package that you purchased then your seller is right, he is not obliged to give you things for free.
You can also see what included in your gig in the invoice that fiverr sent you.


I also Agreed :+1: with you

Is it explicit in the gig package that source code is included? Because if it isn’t, he doesn’t owe it to you.

If it’s the last person the OP bought from, it’s stated in the gig FAQ that the source code isn’t provided with any of the packages, but can be requested after the order is completed for some extra charges.


Ah I see. That is indeed shifty. A bait and switch.

If it’s not in the contract of the order he doesn’t have to deliver it. And he could remove that from his FAQ before CS could check it so there’d be no record of him saying that.

Buyers need to make sure everything is in the contract itself.

@delefx001 Take screenshots of now of the place in the FAQ where he says that before the seller removes jt and of your message from him refusing to deliver it. It may not legally be part of your order but CS should know this seller pulled a bait and switch on you and I bet they will take action.

Bait and switch is not allowed.


In this case, for OP is better to contact support. I hope they can see the history of the gig text change

He could remove it… Or perhaps he wouldn’t need to, if the OP refused to pay the extra charge for the source file and wanted it for free, even though the FAQ states that it costs extra.

Of course, I could also be wrong about who the seller is, and therefore, what is or isn’t in the gig package or the FAQ.


Possible of course but stuff like this is usually kept in the audit trail/log, certainly at bigger companies (smaller companies may just record the event in the trail but without the detail of what was changed).

Yep. It’s downright risky if something isn’t in your contract. I doubt CS would fight for a buyer in that case and would just advise he buyer to purchase it as an extra.

That being said if what the buyer says is true, this could be considered a bait and switch and that is against the ToS.