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My buyer is threatening me to change his review he has already given me 5 star r

recently i came across a buyer and what he requested to me in the specification requirement document i have delievered it to him and he appreciated this as well and he is saying me now to do his more work for very less budget and i cant do this for so low so that buyer is threatening me that he will give me a re review full of negativity and he is abusing me as well i have reported him on messages but i m afraid that he might not spoil my image by re reviewing my work i have attached his current review as well :confused:

Well, if that happened… shouldn’t you get in touch with the CS? But if you’ve already reported him then you should wait until then.

And yes, I guess he can edit his review (that what I’ve read a few days ago in this forum).
Probably contact them via “Feedback Removal” or something like that.

EDItT: It turns out that the discussion I read was outdated (back to 2013), Things might be changed now.

I believe buyers can only edit for 3 days, though I haven’t checked recently. If a buyer starts abusing seller, the seller should take a screenshot of the good review and the threats. If they are sent to Customer Support with clear explanation, they will help.