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My buyer is unable to submit a review

While submitting a review, my buyer is being asked to give a tip without which he is unable to proceed further. Please help


The buyer is able to leave a review. I forgot the process if it comes before the tip or after the tip but the buyer will be able to leave a review. I think it comes before being Fiverr asks about tipping the seller (correct me if i’m wrong guys – i forgot the arrangement)

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How do I explain to him to write a review without a compulsory tip?

You don’t.

You could get a TOS warning if you mention reviews to your buyer. Let them figure it out unless you want your account to possibly take a hit and get you in trouble. Fiverr sees any mentioning of reviews by the seller as manipulation. Even if you are just trying to help someone out in how to leave a rating.



I agree! Yes @hina_rastogi , I suggest just not mentioning the word review or asking for it. As much as those are well-meaning and with good intentions, this is not something Fiverr encourages. You may trigger the system and you may get a warning

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Yes, as it has been said above, forget about guiding your buyer to find out to give a review cause of warning.