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My buyer isn't responding, and Fiverr support is terrible


I have a verbal agreement with a buyer that I will be doing a total of 40 projects for him. We are still on Project number 2, and he does not check his computer daily. This is very concerning. I’ve always submitted everything on time to him. My main question is this. What happens to my score if he requests a revision outside of the deadline? This last time, he told me the one thing I needed to fix, which I did very promptly and resubmitted it to him. he hasn’t logged on to check, and the order is technically over now. If he requests a revision, will that reflect badly on me? Thanks I really need help with this. If I continue to work with this buyer, we’re going to have to set much longer deadlines apparently.

Also, when I went to support., it wanted me to put an order ID before I was even able to submit my inquiry. What is that even about? That’s a terrible way to help your buyers and sellers. How do I have an order ID if I haven’t even submitted a ticket?


If you don’t have an order number, but a verbal agreement, you don’t have a buyer or an order, so Fiverr CS wouldn’t be able to help.

How did the buyer order, and how are you sending the work please?


Ohhhh that makes sense now. That was me being stupid :slight_smile: yes we have an actual order. Let me get that. I thought it was saying something else


The Fiverr order is #FO3F86535087


That’s what you need to give to CS if you ask them for help.

Deliver your work before the deadline, based on what’s been agreed. If the buyer wants any modifications, they get done after the clock has stopped, so there’s no effect on your order completion rate etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I wish there was a way to ask him to check his computer once a day or something. The projects I’m doing for him have to do with his real life business, which is the thing he’s busy with all the time.


When he orders, make sure you’ve got a mandatory requirement so that you know exactly what’s needed before you start. You shouldn’t have to be waiting for a buyer’s say-so to get your orders done - they need to give you all the info you need before you start.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: