My buyer left 5 Star Rating and i got 4.5 Why


My buyer left 5 Star Rating and i got 4.5 Why.

i contact him specially and he said that he left 5 stars he is full satisfied with my work.

what to do?

and how this star system works _ i think there is no option for 4.5 stars.


Am I being blind? I really can’t see any 4.5 star feedback! I assume you are referring to the feedback that was left today, if so, it’s showing as 5 stars for me.


Reply to @philtabest: can you see my rating is 99% now. why?


please see again its 4.5 last start is half.


May be the buyer did not provided 5 star review in all the sections . There 3 section in the order page for review


Yes he did not click on all 3 i think. i contacted him and he agree that he left 5 start rating.


Yeah, in the past it has been one rating section but now it’s possible they leave two 5 stars and one 3 star out of all the sections. Averaging 4.3… guess that could be a 4.5


The buyer and Customer support helped me :slight_smile: i hope it will now 5 Stars and my 100% Rating back… :slight_smile:

thank you all of you too to help understand star rating system.



and my 100% Rating is back… Thank You Customer Support and Thank You so much my great Buyer to help solve the issue.


By the way if some one left 4 star rating our overall rating go down. It should not be like this. Even this 4 star rating is also positive rating.

I will explain it with a simple example

Spouse you have a jug with half filled water. If you will add a glass of water more in it, jug will get more water and filled more. But if you will add half glass it will still fill the jug with more water. There is no reason to making the water level lower by adding half glass or full glass or 1/4 glass.

So over all rating should be increased at every cast by adding 3 stars or 4 stars or 5 stars.
Yes but if stars are lower then 3 stars then let it reduce the overall rating even there is no reason to decreased.


I’m going to suggest that you prepare yourself for the next experience where a client leaves a 4 star rating or somehow a 4.5 star rating and just disappears. It wont be the end of the world… but it’s nearly impossible on fiverr to remain with a 100% rating. There are so many buyers that don’t want to function properly and getting one of their improper reviews is almost inevitable. I suggest that if you think a client will be a problem , cancel their order in the nicest way possible and maybe even block them. I know this didn’t happen in your case… but it sounds like you like to be at 100% positive rating… This is the best advice I’ve got. Good luck!


That is so true. Happened to me with an order I worked so hard on! The buyer left a review few months ago ,Ana was one of the most professional and outstanding sellers I’ve worked with. I will definitely work with her again". When you see these words, you’d expect a 5 stars review, but it was actually a 4 stars. Why? I have no idea.


Or even meeting a Christine whom I wrote a perfect company profile for, he was so excited about the job and I was so convinced in my spirit that he was going to give me an astounding 5-star review. Lo and behold, what I saw was a 2.7-star review. This dropped my total review to 90% and he was the first buyer of that gig. I contacted him, he felt so sorry and was willing to review it, but he doesn’t know how to do that. I tried explaining to him he was not getting it. Because it was my first week on Fiverr I didn’t know that customer support could do something about it. I just accepted it in good faith, deleted that gig because even the impression dropped rapidly too. I consoled myself with his $4, and I moved on. Today I am up to 97% and that one was the only negative review that I have gotten. However, one or two negative reviews doesn’t kill, they will only show that you are a human being and make you work harder. But make sure to avoid them if you can.


Sorry to late answer but i posted it when there was and old interface of fiverr forum that was hard to read or find answers.
Now forum is well designed and managed so its easy to find related articles and answer on your posts.

If i could see this answer and your message that time i had to suggest you that contact support team and send them screen shot with your buyer and let them know that your buyer is happy to change the feedback so customer support was able to do that.


I always send a message to ask why I didnt get a 5 stars.
There is no shame in that for 2 good reasons.

  1. Anything less than 5 stars hurts your gig. Plain + simple truth whether you like it or not.
  2. It’s the only way to get feedback on how you should improve if they did not already supply you with that information.
  3. It may have been an accident on their behalf as some people indeed have “fat fingers” or they may have

I’ve had number 3 twice already.
They were unable to figure out how to navigate to the order history and fix it themselves but were happy to create a support ticket… in which case support simply removed the review. Not exactly great , but whatevs. Better than a 4/5 stars… =/


In the real world 4.5 stars is pretty good going. I’ve had a couple of 4.7 ratings recently as as much as I’d like to ‘keep it all 5’s’ that isn’t always going to be possible.

The more you sell/buy then it will average out to your true rating.


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