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My buyer left a bad review by saying me as "fraud and liar." Isn't it violates Fiverr TOS?

Hi, let’s make the long story short.

One of my buyer left me negative review a couple of days ago. I copy pasted his review text below.

This is the biggest fraud on Fiverr, your connection are only from Bangladesh and India they are even not real stop lying people.

If I analyze his statement, he is trying to say:

  1. I am the “biggest fraud on Fiverr.” which is harassing me publicly.

  2. I am from Asia, so ALL my LinkedIn connections are from Bangladesh and India. Meaning, I cannot connect with the people of the USA and Europe as I advertise on my gig ( which is not only an underestimation of my networking ability but also insulting my self-esteem. No one can judge my networking ability based on where I belong to or my skin color; I consider it as a racism attack.

  3. As per his comments, my LinkedIn connections are not real they are fake people. However, the fact is I made more than 30k LinkedIn connections over the past few years, and he is saying they are fake? Ridiculous! Did anyone ever hear about the Fake LinkedIn connection?

  4. He advised me to “stop lying people” that means I am a liar and lying to the people which is another insulting and personal attack.

Please, be noted that I delivered him exactly as I advertised on the gig and EXACTLY how I served my ALL other buyers (approximately 70 sales made so far and whoever left me the review, I got all 4.9~5-star ratings except his 1star rating with notorious comment).

I’d not say anything if he writes the review by saying, my work quality, not happy with the result of the promotions, etc. BUT I cannot accept his personal attack.

Considering all these facts, I firmly believe he is not a real buyer, rather a mean competitor (similar gig seller) and just invested 5$ in ruining my profile. Moreover, apparently, it seems his plan works as my gig is nowhere in the Fiverr search result where it was in the top most position for a couple of buying keywords before.

Unfortunately, I failed to persuade Fiverr CS guy to realize the issue even with my best communication + all the proof.

Now my question is - Can a client leave you review by saying you are a “fraud and liar”?

How long does it Fiverr TOS support when I feel embarrassed, insulted and harassed every single moment after reading this FALSE review?

Also, Is there a way, I can bring my case to the attention someone responsible from Fiverr CS team. I am feeling depressed and helpless as whatever the proof I sent to the CS guy, every time he is saying the same thing (sorry… we cannot remove the review… blah blah…)

Any suggestion would help. Thank you.

Best regards,


What a horrible person! Defaming/Slander would seem like it is against TOS anywhere, so I’m surprised (And yet again not surprised, as they never remove any reviews anymore) if they are saying it’s okay to defame. Perhaps even against the law in some countries, so might want to check up on it if that is the case and you’re not finding a resolution.

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Two months ago same thing happened to me.

I did a good job for him. But he said I am a fraud.

I explained everything to Customer support with proofs.
Then they deleted his review.

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you are not allowed to post names/gigs.

you should update yours too. (a mod will probably be here any minute and do it for you if you are lazy) :))

Don’t worry.

Thanks for the comment, adsensewizard!
I explained everything to the CS and post this thread here as well in the hope that it will come to the attention to someone responsible from Fiverr.

@kanishkaseo, you were lucky then.
I also hope same thing will happen with me!

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Yeah. Try to explain with proofs.

If CS won’t remove the feedback, all you can do is move on.

Promote your gigs (you’re a marketing expert, so you should be able to do it efficiently), and sooner or later, you will get new orders.


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Thanks for understanding.


@catwriter, Thank you so much for pouring the positive energy.
I believe something is going on inside, as my gig return on the search top result again.

I think you should leave a very nice sweet reply to the review, saying you don’t understand why it was left and it’s not true.

I believe you are mistaken. I just did a quick search and you did not appear on page one or page two.

Good fact checking.:eight_pointed_black_star: It’s possible it was again put out of site since she wrote that of course. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand it would have had to happen in the last ten minutes.

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It could also be that she is logged on. If she were to do a search, perhaps hers would show up in the top row.

If I just got through ordering from a seller, he or she would be the first ones to appear. I’m guessing the system is set up so it calculates the fact I ordered from XX seller so I may want to order from them again.

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Probably he or she may not be an original buyer … Someone from another country competing with you in service… contact CS , the only thing would support you though… No one can stop someone becoming grate… They will work in this way or the other way around !