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My buyer left nice comments but not a 5* review

Hi good people,
I joined Fiverr last week of September and During October, I had a total of 8 orders where I got review from 5 orders.
In my last order, I provide the client more than he was expecting from me and he was very happy with my work. In order completion, he also write nice comment about my work, but he gave a 4.3* review (5-4-4 in 3 categories). It makes my rating go down to 4.9.
I think he was a new buyer and he was also not aware of the importance of the ratings for a seller.
My question is: Is there anything that I can do regarding this? Or was there anything for me to do to prevent this? Eagerly waiting to get some insight about this.

Here is the gig link where I got that 4.3* review:



Hi, there’s nothing you can do about this. It is against Fiverr’s rules to request for a review or suggest a buyer change their review. Most people don’t like leaving a complete 5 star. They feel they have to remove some marks.

You are right. He probably isn’t aware how this affects you or doesn’t care. If he becomes a returning buyer you can see how he performs and if you get very comfortable working with him, you can subtly bring it up. Till then, Goodluck.

There’s also nothing you can do to prevent this. Just keep doing good jobs. Other clients will leave better ratings and your stats will improve.


Buyer can choose to put 0 star for " recommend to your friends" if the buyer doesn’t have any friends, or it’s a first time thing

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Thanks for your insight about the matter. It is really horrible luck to get this kind of client and my current overall rating doesn’t justify my quality of work.

Atleast as a starter, I tried to deliver quite over-service so that client can be much more happy and give the ratings that I deserved. But it seems luck also matters here! :frowning:

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Sooner or later, you will get clients who wouldn’t leave you a straight 5-star review. You should simply accept that fact to have peace of mind.


Had the same experience but you should keep going 4.9 is still good rating.

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Luck matters, yeah. Some clients would gush over the work, leave a tip, but not a review or rating.

Just focus on what you can control, which is your quality service and leave the rest. Better clients will come.

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Keep going! don’t worry

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