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My Buyer needs a click?

I want to increase my Buyer click, if I could do this, it would be possible if someone said a little …


Don’t go for tricks. Write a title which is more direct and make your thumbnail attractive and eye-catching. Buyer will surely click on your gig and you will get what you are demanding now


“Eye catching” isn’t the issue. The issue is the service itself not standing out against high competition. Changing your thumbnail to make it “eye catching” doesn’t compensate for that and it is not fair to say he will get orders if he does that.


“Do” what and “said” what? Please don’t ask people in the forum to help you improve your gig performance.

If you aren’t getting clicks, figure out the fundamental reason why. Nothing will change until you do that.

So research your competition and improve your English so people can understand you. People don’t buy from people they can’t understand.


Thank you for your information

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He didn’t mention about getting orders. So if you want someone click to view your gig you have to draw that person’s attention. So an “eye-catching” thumbnail image is surely going to work. But yes, that’s not going to ensure that you are getting that order.


What is with all this “eye catching” advice?

People click what looks like it might address their problem. They aren’t going to click just because your image catches their eye. No one considers buying something because you used a flashy image.

And saying “eye catching” doesn’t even tell people anything. It’s just a silly catchphrase that has caught on in your part of the world for some reason.


Yes, You are right. I believe that.