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My buyer needs more time


hello all, my buyer could not give all the information and she needs me to extend the time. how do i do this


The only option is to cancel the order & ask your buyer to again place the order with extended delivery time.

Or else you can send a custom gig extra on the order page for $5 minimum & extend the delivery time using that.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you :blush:


Thank you i think the second option will work for me. Thank you


Actually, you can request a cancellation, and there’s an option to extend the time without adding any custom offer. I’m not quite sure which option it’s under - possibly other - but there is an option to extend the time.

It also works for LARGE projects. For instance, one of my gigs is for 15 days (I have a large queue typically). I had a client order but since he’s a regular, I asked him if he would mind if I shuffled his project to the end of the month. I added an additional 18 days to the order (he had no problem with it and still says if I need to push it further to go for it).

So, that’s 33 days total, which is something Fiverr’s system doesn’t typically allow for unless you go that route.

Good luck!


thank you. will search for it