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My buyer not accepting my order and send revision after 1 days again and agian so that order not marked as completed

Tell me solution
What should i do.


First of all make sure that you are really following the buyer’s instructions. If you are doing 100% exactly the way he/she wants, ask humbly what he/she actually needs and how far you are from the final product he/she needs.

Keep in mind, you have only one solution and that is “be patient” and work until you satisfy your client. This is the only way to save your reputation/rating on fiverr.


If you think that you work more than the price you work for, you can tell him:

Further revisions should cost more.

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If the buyer just presses the button repeatedly without actually telling you what they want to revise, you can report them for abusing the system. The order will most likely get cancelled, the buyer will get the refund and your cancellation rate will suffer.

If the buyer has actual revisions:

  • If you offer unlimited revisions then you make yourself vulnerable to this kind of behavior and technically it’s your job to do them until the buyer is satisfied.

  • If you offer a limited number of them, tell the buyer they are out of free revisions (when they are) and send them an extra for each additional round.