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My buyer not completing the order though i complete the service , what shall i do now?


my buyer send me the details requirements. i have done what he wanted,i delivered the order but he dont complete my order.i contact several time but he is not responding.

What shall i do now?

Please suggest me what to do now. i know it will complete with in 3 days but if he cancel the order then what shall i do.



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Reply to @kjblynx: but if he cancel the order then what shall i do.

Just be patient and stop contacting the buyer. He/she might be annoyed with you trying to chase them down. Just wait the 3 days and the order will be marked as complete. I am sure if the buyer is not satisfied with your work he/she would have already contacted you. Just have patience.


Reply to @annai80: Thanks a lot for the tips.

May be you buyer doesn’t know that he needs to complete the order. I am a buyer myself and didn’t know I supposed to do that. Yesterday, I got the last photo modification and all I did was to send a thank you message. I don’t even know how to complete and order. This was my first one though, I am still learning how things are done here.

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Reply to @kjblynx: thanks a lot for info bro

Reply to @kjblynx: sorry thanks sis :v

me too facing same problem

You probably didn’t notice but this is a 3 year old post!


so the 3 days rule is changed?

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still you have to wait for 3 days, inform your buyer to complete the order. If he dont want then wait for 3 days, it will automatically complete but you will not get the review

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No. If the buyer does nothing for 3 days, the order will be automatically marked as complete.

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ohhok then its okk thanks

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thank you. catwiter ,

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