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My Buyer Order $50 and want $10 refund

My buyer order me $50 by mistake. His budget is $40 he want $10 in refund what can i do now?

That’s not really your fault, you can’t take responsibility. Advise your buyer to contact CS but explain that this is out of your hands.

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The only way to do it is to cancel this order and place a new order.

But obviously your buyer has 50$ budget as he already paid it.

They still will just cancel his order and will say to place a new one.


But what if the buyer then didn’t re-place the order. To me it just makes sense to compensate the buyer.

Compensate for what? Who will compensate it?
It totally doesn’t make sense. Why fiverr should pay from their own money to compensate for the order that he didn’t even deliver :woman_shrugging:

That’s a risk but no one is responsible here. If they wouldn’t reorder then they didn’t need his service that much.

The finance department- like I said it’s not the seller’s fault- but they need to work with the finance department to exchange back that $20.

True, good point.

There is no system in place to refund only part of the order. And it looks like fiverr is not going to implement it because they are not banking services and quite limited in what they can do with transactions.

As for compensating: fiverr doesn’t have to compensate him at all for the order he didn’t do yet.
Actually fiverr doesn’t have to compensate him at all. It’s fiverrs money and they also need to make money not just giving them away for everyone who just feels they are entitled for that.

You are a freelancer and you are running your own business and as any businesses you will have business losses which includes situations like this.

Yes but Customer Support’s job is to resolve issues between buyers and sellers. As this is out of their control, it is definitely worth contacting CS and the finance department, and if a mutual agreement can be made by all three parties, they can resolve this.

As I said there is only one solution in this case: to cancel an order and place a new one. Fiverr support will do the same- they will cancel an order and advise buyer to place a new order with a correct amount. Not sure what else you imagine they can do.

No, that’s actually not their responsibility :wink:
If you run into trouble with your customer fiverr CS will tell you to resolve it with your buyer or they will offer to cancel your order. They are here to resolve technical issues not to hold sellers hand all the time they can not communicate properly with their buyers.

Once again- they can only do this if a mutual agreement is made, otherwise CS is breaking TOS. Although there is only one upfront solution, which is like what you said, Fiverr has the power to process this refund. Whether they would or not, is not what I am saying, I’m just simply saying if I was in charge then I would refund the buyer with the $10.

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And which TOS exactly are they breaking?
Buyer already asked to refund 10$ and the only way to do it is to cancel the whole order. So fiverr CS doesn’t break any rules. Seller can not hold his funds as hostage just because he doesn’t agree.

Of course YOU would. We all would do that but fiverr doesn’t have systems in place to do that. That’s it. I don’t understand why you still keep arguing about this.


“Fiverr’s Customer Support will cancel an order if it is eligible”
and then later in TOS:
“Orders are only eligible for cancellation if:”
Lists a bunch of reasons, which don’t include seperate mutual agreements

Exactly- that’s what my point was in the first place. I said “To me it just makes sense to compensate the buyer.”, implying that was what I would do.

Oh come on, we’re both debating this an equal amount.

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