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My buyer order was automatically completed 3 days ago now he want modification

My buyer order was automatically completed 3 days ago now he wants modifications. If I don’t want to do modification or tell him that For that you have to pay me, so is it right or Fiverr has some other rules

Dear Lance Write:

It’s a judgment call, depending on how big the modifications are.

Some Sellers will do simple modifications, some will hold the line and require the Buyer to pay for them.

In many cases, the Buyer may demand a refund through Fiverr, or a chargeback through PayPal if they can.

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you have to do modification.
there is no rules for that.
as much you can cancel the order but it will be misbehave.

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Buyer may ask for modification even after 3 day later, depending on the level of modification you should help him. This will be good for you if you will stay in fiverr


Thanks for hounorable reply. will follow these lines

Yes, I don’t know if you HAVE to, but it’s good to do it. Especially if you want to buyer to come back and buy your gig again. And if it’s a small thing to do… the why not. It’s the nice thing to do!

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I would suggest you should get him revisions. This will be beneficial for both of you. For you in a sense that, you did not have the review on this sale. Besides that, the buyer has the sample with a watermark. He would like to get his order without watermark. If you make him happy, you will get two advantages. 1). Depending upon the quality of work he will award you a good review. 2), He will again return back to you for his next order. He will also promote you in his social circle. So go for a revision, I suggest

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completed order mean you have to move on to another project or work, i am also getting the same issue with some buyers. mostly it’s the new buyers , they don’t even know when to check their work and they will tell you a few day’s after the order completion date. there is no such a rules to do their work after completion date. they should have check their work on time after paying for it, but you need to keep them happy and stay in fiverr. it’s helpful for everyone on fiverr, they will try other sellers gig too if they stay. if you don’t help these new buyer he will tell everyone to stay out of fiverr. i even do a revision for my buyers after one month when they need it (for free). and most of them is my regular customers…

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