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My buyer ordered me two time accidentally

The buyer ordered me two times accidentally. Now He want to cancel one order and want refund.
What should I do now?
I also had contact with customer support a day ago but they didn’t respond to me :frowning:
Do you guys have an idea how to get rid of it without effecting profile & without lowering the order comp. rate?
Best Regards :slight_smile:

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Wait for CS to respond and they will cancel it for you. In theory without affecting your stats

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Okay! mariashtelle1 Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s almost 24hrs they didn’t respond, Can I send request again?

No, just wait for them to respond. Their usual response time is 24-48 hours. And right now it might be even a bit longer as they are experiencing a lot of queries and I guess shortage of support staff due to this lockdown situation

Thanks again mariashtelle1