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My buyer Ordered me two times

What should I do, My buyer ordered me to times and I delivered his both orders on time, but he marked as read-only one order also he is not even me replying to me…


Stay professional. If the orders are delivered, you shouldn’t need to contact them further. Not sure what you’re asking about concerning the ‘read-me’ mark.


It’s normal for a buyer to not message you after you deliver the order. Why do you want them to message you?


Because he completed only one order and left second one…

I’ve had it where a buyer completes one order and then leaves the other to stew for 3 days. Ignore it.

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Yes, I think new buyers do this coz they don’t know much about Fiverr

No. Regulars do it, too. It’s just something buyers do.


It was 2 different orders with 2 different requirements, right?

yes different…

This is pretty standard as others have said. It can be frustrating to receive no feedback on something you’ve worked hard on, but there are a lot of reasons buyers don’t leave any feedback. Sometimes it’s because they just forgot!

If you’ve delivered it, just forget about unless they come back with a revision request. This happens sometimes!