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My buyer received a refund 2 months and 3 weeks after the order was completed

Hello Fiverr,

I am Strawberrique and this is my first Fiverr Story!

The situation is very simple. I have also opened a ticket.

We will call our buyer, T. And I am seller.
On the 16 October 2017 T orders a gig from seller. Seller delivered the same day and provided T with 1 revision. T never talked to seller again and order was completed in 3 days automatically. T comes back 1 week later saying that he is not ok with the delivery and was not aware of how Fiverr worked.
(And from now on I will bore my future buyers with information about Fiverr orders work with appropriate Fiverr FAQ links.)

Back to the story, I tell T to read the rules before ordering next time.
2 weeks passed, the funds from said gig were Cleared on November 2 2017. On November 13 2017 I withdraw the money to my bank account and buy a pizza.

However, fast forward 2 months and 3 weeks ( Heard nothing from this buyer meanwhile), I get this gem, In the earnings tab: the order funds from said order were reversed from Cleared to Pending. And then a refund was made to the buyer.

Buyer is nowhere to be found, blocked me and then deleted account I think.

My big problem is : Why did this happen so long after the entire process? I spent the time to give something unique and original to my buyer. He was not well informed and careless with his own money. Why is it that they gave T a refund 2 months and 3 weeks after?

*My cancellation rate and completion rate dropped after I had worked hard to raise. Each early completion amounts to 1% increase but one such crazy situation completely destroyed the completion bar by more than 5%.

Thank you.

*Edit : formatting problem + info

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The buyer did a chargeback with Paypal or his credit card company to get his money back. Fiverr automatically bans the account of anyone who does this.

It happens to every seller now and then and is a normal although annoying part of doing any sort of business on the internet where credit cards or Paypal is used, which is everywhere.

Nothing can be done to prevent this. All buyers are able to initiate a chargeback for anything they bought. It happens surprisingly rarely.

It is almost unheard of for a buyer who does this to first let you know they are not happy. Usually they do this fraudulently without any real complaint, just to get something free.

You might have salvaged this if you had questioned him thoroughly to see what his problem was with what he got.


The effect on the cancellation/completion rate, though, in these cases, when Fiverr bans a buyer for violating the ToS, adds insult to injury, that´s the part I can not understand at all.


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