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My Buyer request do no't show anykind of buyer request


I’ve no number of buyer request in my buyer request option. But why ? any specialist tell me why i can’t see any kind of buyer request?
Thanks for reading


You can only see buyer requests (or now under “send quotes”) if you have an active gig. Depending on your category, there may not be any recent requests, although I have yet to see this. If the problem continues, you may want to contact support. Hope this helps!


Depending on the category your gig is in, the requests section won’t yield many results. I have gigs in both writing and graphics & design. The writing category can go unchanged for a while while the graphics & design category can show new posts every hour or so; depends on the day.

If you don’t see any requests under the pre-selected category, go to the drop down menu and select other to see what comes up; other usually yields more results.

Hope this helps.


Thank you “annabelle1138” :heart:. Your tips are working, when I’m creating more two gigs.


& thank you :heart: topaz_muse. It’s working


Why does every new seller asking these kinds of questions, ask – specifically – for only a “specialist”, a “Fiverr veteran”, or, even worse, “only men” to answer their questions? No specific person, by answering your questions is going to be able to guarantee that you will suddenly be successful using their advice. That’s not how Fiverr – or success, in general – works.

If you have a question, ask it. And let anyone who wants to help, help.

There are no “specialists” that will answer your questions, and instantly make you successful. We are all sellers (with a few buyers here as well :wink: ) . We are all in the same boat – working to gain sales, and build up our freelance brands. There is no specific answer that guarantees success.


Thank you so much, it was really helpful. Have a great day!