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My Buyer Request Got Replied To!

Hello Everyone,

I am just here to say I have got a reply from a buyer request! We are messaging each other right now. Wish me the best of luck. If this goes well it could be my first order :P.

Reply down below to tell us YOUR story!

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Hi @badcompany32 and great deal! Always write on the forum when you think it’s really important to our great community.

I wish you the very best for your negociation and try to be very calm during the process. I am telling you that because when we were new, the excitation of having a first order was too high that we did everything wrong. I do not wish you the same!

Best regards.

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best of luck but dont get discourage if buyer didnt buy from you you have to contact many buyers before they buy from you

Thanks so much for the advice!

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Thanks so much for the advice! It really helped!


your welcome :slight_smile:

The increasing trend of notifying the community every time some kind of result has been achieved is reaching an embarrassing level. I don’t want to be mean. It’s just too much.


Yes! Waiting for the day when people will start discussing every inquiry and order they get.

Forum is filled with, “I got first order”, “I got second order”, “I got tip”, “My order was rated” Agh! :roll_eyes:

Not to forget, that irrelevant “Well done” or “Good job” reply.

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