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My buyer request is always empty what is the reason?

I regular visit my buyer request but I never find any offer there. What is the reason? Is there any specific way to get buyer requests? Or I have to create my gigs as per some specific rules to get buyer request.


When you are promoted to a Level 1 seller, you will see more buyer requests that you can respond to. Fiverr limits the BRs that New Sellers can see, because they don’t want new sellers – most of whom are desperate for sales, to be misusing the buyer requests section. It would appear that Fiverr wants new sellers to earn their access to buyer requests.


But I am not new on fiverr. I was getting buyer requests before. But from last few months I am not getting any request.

You are currently ranked as a “New Seller”, and you, therefore, are bound by the restrictions of that New Seller level. You do not have to be new to be a “New Seller”. Sellers ranked as New Sellers are not shown many buyer requests. If all eight of your Analytics page bars are green on May 15, you will likely be promoted to Level 1. If not, you will remain as a “New Seller” until assessment day on June 15 – at which time, you will be assessed again, and either promoted, demoted (if at Level 1 or Level 2), or remain where you are.

You will see more buyer requests when you earn a promotion to Level 1 seller.


Then what should we do? please help us to build bright future using fiverr

If you want to see more buyer requests, you will have to be promoted to Level 1. If you want to be promoted, you will have to work to make sure all eight bars on your Analytics page are green.


Thank you… @jonbaas

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Same with mine.
Only available once in a while.
I was actually thinking that my account is strange.

how i can promote to level one is there any trick for that or only completion of jobs in fiverr will increase my level.