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My buyer request is very slow


today is 05 january 2018 but my buyer request date is 04 january 2018.

why is that happen?


If you are a newbie you will face this problem if you get minimum 1 or 2 orders then you will be getting buyers request 10 to 15 everyday


no.I am level one seller.


Do you get any order uptil now if not then it will happens but after getting 1 or more ads you will be getting buyers request on the daily basses


How it is possible?
there must be a typo.


i dont know :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Be patient. Perhaps there just aren’t any new buyer requests (that you qualify to see) in your gig category. And why are you expecting Fiverr to provide all of your customer leads? Get out into the world and market/promote your gigs. Reach out to your target customers – they are the only people that will make you successful.

If you aren’t willing to do the hard work necessary to be successful, then why do you have gigs on Fiverr? No work, no success. Get out there, and get busy!