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MY BUYER REQUESTED A REVISION to avoid closing the project

Hi everyone!
I need your advice what to do it this kind of situation.

I started working on logo design for one client, who provided me handdrawed sketch of logo he wants.
When I sent him a draft of it, he said that he doesn’t like it and I have to provide him other options. Saying this he sent to me draft of other logo design for his company, saying: make like this, but change this and this. That’s when I realized that he is working with other freelancers as well, so probably he just made few orders from different designers, and he’ll choose the work he will like the most.
Anyway, I didn’t want to cancel the project as it will negatively affect my stats. So I said: ok, I’ll proovide you other options to choose one of them. So I did that, sent to him 3 other concepts, one of them was based on that other freelancer’s concept with all the changes he asked me to do. So generally I sent to him 4 concepts, two of them I made the way he asked me , and two of them were my own vision.

After that he didn’t answer like 3 days or so, and finally he writes me a message: I don’t like anything, we can cancel the contract. I said, that I don’t really want to cancel it, as I’ve spent a lot of time working for him, sent to him 4 drafts, so he can choose one, and that according to the contract he has 2 more revisions, which he can use, choosing the one concept that he likes the most, and saying me: I don’t like this and this, please work on it. He said: no I can’t choose anything.
So I said to him: as you don’t want to use your revisions. I’ll deliver you the job I’ve done till that moment, and in a 3 days project will authomatically mark as completed. He said: no worries, send me whatever you want. So I did. As I expected, he didn’t mark the order as completed, and just few hours before the contract will authomatically close, he requsted a revision, with no explanation what exactly he wants to be changed. So he sent me an empty request , so the project couldn’t be closed.

I’d like to have your advices what can I do in this situation? As I can’t finish the project if he doesn’t want to explain what he wants to be improved, or changed. But I also don’t want to cancel it, as I spent my time working for him, and this time souldn’t be for free, just because he decided to work with few freelancers, and in the end just to dump one of them as he likes work of other freelancer better.

Thank you for your answers!

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Redeliver your work again with a message along the lines “I see you requested a revision with no requirements provided. Unfortunately it’s against fiverr TOS to request a revision with no revision requirements. I am delivering what we worked on so far but please Do let me know if you have a real revision request as we have 2 revisions included”

And if he will request it again with no requirements then you might want to contact support to just make them aware of the situation.


that’s a great advice! Thank you for it. Just one question. As I’ve read on the forum that redelivering the same work by freelancer is also against fiverr’s TOS. How does it look on practice? Will I get a strike for the same delivery anyway even if revision request was empty and fake? Or fiverr’s team will take a look on it before giving me a strike?