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My buyer requests are extremely few


Hello Freelancers! I’m having a problem with buyer requests and I haven’t been able to solve it since I started working at Fiverr.

What happens is that they are almost always EMPTY!, when I have time I can reload the page many times but 1 out of 30 attempts I find the applications (not even many, lots of 3, 6 or 10) and it’s very frustrating, I’m a seller level 0 so I do not have a fixed clientele or orders that arrive alone and I only have a few reviews (I should have more than 50 reviews for that to happen), my only option to get a job is by the applications, which rarely appear every day. A week, 1 day (if any 2) I manage to spend the 10 daily offers.

I want to know why this happens, I have seen other sellers who reload the page and always have and not by lots of 5 or 10 but by lots of 200 and 300! It would be amazing to be able to have this amount and always be sending offers!

I hope you can help me…