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My buyer said can they change review for me?


My buyer gave me a review but they send a mesenge for me want to change.
Could we do it?


I have the same question as kiku194. I have had buyers say they will in the past, and have. But also others that haven’t been able to a few weeks ago.



Unfortunately, Fiverr has made it impossible to change any reviews that have already been posted. Even so much as asking Fiverr’s customer service about it can affect your account negatively (ToS warning).

Therefore, I’d just accept whatever review I have received. EVEN if the buyer says they want to change the review… or EVEN if you think the review is not fair/unjust… I’d just move on. :slight_smile:


@hanshuber16 is correct about this as there have been sellers reporting getting in trouble with CS over requesting review changes. Take his advice and move on.


@hanshuber16 @vickiespencer

Thank you so much … :frowning: