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My buyer takes too long to complete the order

I had a 5 days order. And I completed it within three days and submit to the client . It was an essay of 2000 words. After submitting the essay the client says she will pay after checking the essay and it will take another 10 days. Is this Possible with feverr? Can a client drag the deadline without clearing the order even after the discussed deadline.

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Did they place an order with you? Or are you just talking with the buyer through your message inbox?

When a seller delivers an order on the “order page”, the order will auto-complete after 3 days if no revisions are required.

I tried searching your user name and can’t even locate it.

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Me neither.

Just guessing here, but I think the user got banned.

Offering to write or to proofread essays isn’t allowed. It violates Fiverr’s ToS.

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That word essay has gotten so many sellers in hot water. By definition though, an essay doesn’t have to be related to academics, but on Fiverr, the two are strongly tied together.

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Yeap, honest users pay for those who cheat - whether they are buyers or sellers. Sadly, since cheating became the daily bread, Fiverr decided to play safe and make it easy on them. So, no essays at all.