My buyer wants external live links of the sites which i created for my clients?



My buyer is an old lady and she wants me to develop her website. She asked me to provide her the links of the live sites which i developed for other clients to check the quality of my work. I sent him the links of my portfolio on but she is not is familiar with well. Screen shots of the sites with web address is already given there so anyone can easily check the sites to see my work. But unfortunately she is unable to locate them i dont know why? Now she wants the direct live links which i designed previously for my clients.

What should i do , as Fiverr prohibited to paste direct external links? How can i send her the links of the live sites that i created. Please advise its very urgent. I dont wana slip the buyer form my hand as she is agree to pay me well.


Ask customer support for permission.


Also, if you are going to share links from websites you made for other buyers, you need to be sure the other buyers are OK with that.

One other thing - I don’t really suggest you call people “old lady” on the forum. It’s a public forum and buyers come here too. Some buyers would be fine with that but others would be offended. You make it sound like she’s got some good money as well. Since it looks like you called your buyer “old lady” and “him” and “her” if she stumbles on to this post this might be the last time to sell to that person.


@fonthaunt ages and real names are not mentioned in the profile of anybody on fiverr so she told me herself in her message that she is an old lady and not much literate with computers and mobiles . I used the word “old lady” once only in the query to clear the situation and honestly i dont mean to say all that to degrade anybody. For me everybody is very respectable.

Thanks for your suggestion I will really take-care next time.


@misscrystal yes you are right i should consult with customer support. I dont wana loose my valued customers.

Thank you