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My buyer wants to cancel my order

My buyer wants to cancel my order. I have no fault.
He told me he need a logo vector file. Some time later he tell me he don’t need vector file and he wants to cancel the order. I done my work then I see buyer wants to cancel my order. I already send a message the Fiverr Customer Support. Did I do the right thing ?

I suppose so, yes. If you’ve done the work, you should get paid, even if it means a bad review. Have you delivered, yet, though? That could affect CS’s response.

Order is cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.

Out of curiosity, did it affect your stats?

No did not it affect my order complete status because it was not my fault.

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That’s good! I’ve had experiences similar to that, but I know other sellers have had things handled differently.

By the way thank you :slight_smile: