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My buyer wants to cancel the order but

Hello community members.
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I m working with a client on the Wix e-commerce store, but suddenly he told me that he wants to cancel the order. When i asked for a reason he said, that his brother has a website and i don’t need a new one. I can sell my items over there. I reject order cancellation and explain that I invest my time and effort to build your website. Now you want to cancel that will affect my profile as well. He said that if you want to keep half and refund half. Now I don’t know what to do.

Can you please guide me, how to deal with my buyer.
Thank you so much.



Its very Good for you if he said that “his brother has a website and they dont need a new one” please go to resolution centre and go to customer support and take screen shot it their answer and send to fiverr and fiverr cancel the order without any drop rating.

thank you



I will defiantly try this.
Can i get half? Because i already setup his store, only payment method is not done yet.

let leave the payment, but please avoid to cancel the order, and tell me you get any response from fiverr ?

Okay, i will try this.
Thank you so much.

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Good Idea
I think it workable