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My buyer wants to cancel the order, told me his friend who owns the work wants a football tickets instead of the song remix, what should i do

Hi, a buyer made an order and it was going to be due in 5 days. But few hours after ordering, he sent me a message and said the order ( song remix) was for His friend and the friend said he doesn’t want a song remix again, rather he wants a ticket to a football match. So, he wants to cancel the order. He opened a dispute and wanted me accept the cancelation.

When i opened the dispute, what he wrote on it was that the seller is not qualified to do the work.

A work i have not even started.

Please what can i do? If i accept the cancelation, will it affect me in any way on Fiverr?

@vivemusicpro you can not do anything on this. Just accept the dispute and continue your work. Your Fiverr analytics will be improved soon

Don’t accept the cancellation. Report the order and buyer to Fiverr Customer Support.

They may cancel the order, but there’s a chance it won’t impact your stats if CS does it (not guaranteed, but possible). Also, they may take action against the buyer, who is abusing the system.


Okay. Thank you so much. I’ve reported to them. I just hope they will respond early enough.