My Buyer wants to change her review [ANSWERED]


One of my buyer gave me a 4 star review. I know 4 star is a good review. But it was a reason for giving a red color down arrow for my orders. She ask it’s a mistake by her and can she change the review? What should I do now?? Please help me. Thank you!! :slight_smile:


You can check out “resolution center” and put a request there to change the review. That can also be done by the buyer if not much time has already passed.
It works easily by the way.

  1. You generate a review modification request at resolution center.
  2. Buyer accepts it and modify the review.
  3. You now have butterflies in the stomach seeing 5 stars :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s simple,
Click on the order
On the right top corner of the order, you would see ’ Resolve Now '
Click on it ’ Resolve Now '
Then choose, from the two option
Choose the ’ Resolve the feedback '
Then follow the remaining steps


Thank you very much sir :slight_smile:


Thank you very much sir. :slight_smile: