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My Buyer Wants to Place the gig on hold


The status of his order is now “very late”. But in our agreement, I’ll wait for 3 weeks for him to provide all the details. He was a bit overwhelmed when I started the work, so he asked me to hold it so that he can think everything properly, then provide me more details after 3 weeks.

I am wondering if there is an option for him, or me, to place the gig on hold?


so he already has ordered and now you want to stop the ticking clock?


Well basically the order started, buyer placed the order, and it was a normal process of making a book illustration for a page. He sent me a script, I read it, and then started making draft sketches. I sent him the draft sketches, and then he replied that he liked it. We exchanged ideas, and he was impressed with my ideas and sketches but then, he was overwhelmed that he didn’t really prepare and visualize the whole book, he doesn’t have preferred sizes yet and says that he hasn’t sent his book for editing yet. And he was wondering if I can place it on hold so that he can think properly about it, and he negotiated with the editor, and the editor needs 3 weeks to work on it. He liked my services but wants to place it on hold until he’s ready.

So we agreed that I wait for his further information about the book. It is clear in our messages that we agreed about it.

So now, I’d like to know if there is an option for the buyer or seller to pause or place the order on hold.


Yes go for the resolution center and click " Buyer didnt sent enough information". You can also increase the number of days to “30 days”. That way you can somehow hold it.


Thank you very much. That solved it! :slight_smile: