My buyer wants to purchase multiple gigs but he did purchase them separately (one by one)


My buyer wants to purchase 10 gigs for an order and he did purchase them one by one by I received only 3 of them. Where is the problem? Anybody help please…


Well if you only received three then it means one of two things:

  1. He never updated 7 of them with the information that he needed to send.
  2. He didn’t actually order 10, just 3. This seems more likely as you would have at least got a notification for the other 7 orders. :slight_smile:


When you go to sales and click active do you see any listed in orange as incomplete. he will have to leave a message on those orders to get them active. If not I’m not sure why.


He probably didn’t send any information or a message with the orders not showing up - which does not start the order or start ‘the clock’. Under sales, click filter sales and click active. The missing orders should be under there.

If they are not there, he did not order 10 and only ordered 3. Another way you can check is check your notifications (the message bubble near the top right hand side).


For more convenience:

Just write your buyer’s username into SEARCH BOX and you will find everything about that user. How many orders and conversations.


Sometimes it takes some times to show on order list or the buyer didnt send details. Just wait and if this problem dont solve contact with customer support. First you need to contact with your buyer…


First of all,

Check whether he really ordered 10 times. If you want to see All orders (completed, delivered, incomplete, cancelled) from a particular client, just use this link: USERNAME/manage_orders?search_type=buyer&u=CLIENT’S USERNAME

Second and more important,

Just because someone ordered 10 times, it doesn’t mean that he actually did his part of the deal. What I’m trying to say is - and perhaps you already know that - you can’t deliver your work on a particular order if the client never responded to your gig’s Instructions i.e. if he didn’t write anything as a message on that order’s page after he ordered your gig.

In other words, if he updates the order’s page on 3 of his orders (seen in Active/New orders) and doesn’t do that on the other 7 (seen in Incomplete orders) - later, after you did a 10-gigs job, he can very easily cancel those 7 orders. Some scammers take advantage of this technical “flaw”.


Since you’re Level 1 - there are limitations how many Gig Multiples can you receive at once (Level 1 - Gig Multiples [max. 4]), so yes, in your case ordering the gigs separately is the only way for your client to pay you properly. You can also make a combination with the extras, but if you ask me: 10 orders = 10 potential positive reviews :wink:

See the limitations per each level here:


@ryangillam thank you for your help.


@elgerente thank you so much. now i will consider these points in my activities :slight_smile:


Reply to @accessgirl: I did not received any message. may be its a system’s mistake.


Hi, I think my question is related to this discussion thread:

I want to put a higher starting bid on one of my gig’s, let’s say USD 20, is there a way to do that? Because my buyer and I have agreed upon USD 85, but now he has to place seventeen 5-dollar orders and that seems a bit silly to me. Is there a way to go around that, preferrably by being able to edit the gig price from 5 to 20 dollars? Please help me, as I am about to close the deal. Regards, Lennart


Reply to @sandelin:

No, you can’t do such thing :slight_smile: If you were Level 1, you would’ve been able to (in some way) achieve that, your client could’ve ordered your gig ($5) including extra ($20)… and do that 3 or 4 times at once (gig multiples), and 4 is the gig-multiples limit for the Level 1 sellers.

I’d go with the 17 orders because for each order you may receive a separate positive review. And as everyone here knows, the positive reviews are the path to your ultimate success, what’s water for life that’s positive reviews for your gig :slight_smile:

The only question is whether you’ll be able to receive 17 separate orders from 1 client in such a short amount of time, I hope Fiverr won’t automatically prevent your client to do that.


Hi, and thank you for your quick respons. :slight_smile: I also asked the same question to the Support Team and hope to get a positive feedback. But, I am not Level 1 yet, but if he place those 17 orders, I will be in no time and the next time, I might be able to make it a bit easier for the buyers. But, as you said, many good reviews are better than less… thanks for your input to a Fiverr newbie as me :wink: