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MY Buyers ARE mine, YOURS are yours

SELLERS have to start to think positive; many Sellers think they can service all the Clients on FIVERR :joy: that can never be done, the world is too big for US to crash; we can do just fine without interrupting each other. Let there be UNITY among sellers.

Actually, some of my buyers might become yours, and some of yours mine, so we will eventually share buyers at some point in time with or without us knowing :smiley: The world is too big to not share buyers :stuck_out_tongue:


Buyers are looking different taste every time :wink: you can’t serve same dish with same flavour everyday - they will get bored :blush:


Absolutely, agree with your point.

Well I disagree. Most of my buyers after purchasing my service, ask about any recommendation for website services ( mostly ) or Logo services and I do recommend those whom I personally know. So its not β€œMy buyers are mine and Yours are yours.”

Agree with this. :arrow_up:


(and Happy 1-year since joining the forum, @saddu_writer !) :confetti_ball: :birthday:


Thanks a lot. :smiley_cat: :ice_cream:

Thanks everybody for your opinions.