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My buyers are not rating my gig



I sold and delivered 2 gigs few days ago, but the buyers don’t rate them. What happen if they don’t rate it?



I’m definitely using the tips from @oldbittygrandma, all her posts should go into a Fiverr reference manual of best practices!!



Thanks OBG for sharing the sample messages :slight_smile:


Oh, and I reciprocate.

I often ask a seller I buy from

Do you have something specific you want me to put in your positive feedback or shall I just wing it.


Some of my repeat buyers LOVE it, I even write specific feedbacks for them.

I love it too because it gives me even more control over my branding.


Similarly, I get more feedback because I ask for it :slight_smile:

My system is slightly different.

I’ve taken to numbering my uploads

So Step 1 might be a foundation document

Step 2 Might be some specific critique/work for the order

And then

Step 3 Is my after delivery check list. One of the things I do, is not only ask them to leave feedback, I suggest to them things they can say, even to copy and paste if they don’t have much time :slight_smile:

Copy and paste is a jewel.

I change the file every few days when I see people have used the c/p


I always add a call to action in my delivery along the lines of offering revisions if they need it and then asking them to leave positive feedback if they’re happy with my work. I’ve seen an increase in positive feedback since I started asking for it.


I hate when people don’t leave feedback. But like grandma said try sending them a message


Thank you @oldbittygrandma for such a great sample of follow-up message to buyers.


It happens sometimes, but the feedback will show up in a day or two in my experiences.

oldbittygrandma said: IMPORTANT
Before I send the reminder, with regards to feedback, there was one instance recently, where the buyer DID leave feedback, but it did not appear on the order, but it DID appear on the gig feedback before sending a reminder, I suggest checking the gig page, scroll down to feedback to make sure the buyer did not leave feedback, BEFORE sending them a reminder.

Mine was the other way around. I replied to the buyer's positive feedback. It appeared on the order page, but didn't on the feedback page! :-w


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

oldbittygrandma said: Of course tn5rr2012!!

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. The wording is awesome


Thank you so much @oldbittygrandma I am going to use that too. Usually I just write: Positive feedback please :slight_smile:


In fiverr, ratings matters in getting to better levels. Its quite easy to get ratings and this is how I do mine. Give them a call to action or offer a BONUS. Write something like this " If you give me a positive rating based on my services, I will give you a REALLY SUPER BONUS". make you keep to your promise.

However, you dont have to give a BONUS though it helps. If you have really done a good service, just type: “I would really appreciate it if you could drop a comment based on the service I rendered. Thanks” If you do all these, you should see your buyers rate you up.


@jennifer_cork I agree with your second option.

oldbittygrandma said: Here is a message I send to most buyers
OBG I love that, can I use it?


Thanks everyone. Great tips.


I was raised to believe if you have to ask for a raise you probably do not deserve it. However, asking for a rating is important, because buyers simply do not understand the impact it has on a seller. On the other hand, it is similar to peeking in a key hole you may see something you did not expect or be careful of what you wish for, (pick an analogy). I do believe it is important to remind buyers in a gentle way that comments are appreciated. I do get perturbed however, when the wait staff in a restaurant reminds me to tip in not so subtle ways.

I expect honest feedback but I would prefer negative feedback be presented so it can be used to correct the current and future problems. Buyers that do not give the seller a chance to correct the problem should not be allowed to leave a comment in my opinion. There should be a revision policy in place that requires the buyers to give the seller at least one chance to fix the problem. I have not had a problem as of yet but everyone will at one time or another, percentage wise there is no escaping this fact.


Love this Forum. I find great people to hire by reading their responses here :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Great post, :slight_smile: If I ever do need your services, I will definitely hire you :slight_smile:

ghostblogger said: I was raised to believe if you have to ask for a raise you probably do not deserve it.

I hope you have fully liberated yourself from that training.

For me, I find it to be puritanical, naive (especially in today's hyper capitalistic at times fascistic economic atmosphere), and generally disregarding of the value of labour.

Even the "Bible" got this one right. You have not because you ask not, and when you ask, you ask wrongly.