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My buyers are not rating my gig

I sold and delivered 3 gigs few days ago, but the buyers don’t rate them. What happen if they don’t rate it?

i am a new seller. please help me

Nothing happens. Buyers may rate them, but don’t have to.

you send message to them to give rating

What can I say about this!!? How can I say about this!!? Still any buyer don’t show any interest about my gigs. I am waiting and waiting. I don’t know how long I need to wait…If you able plz visit my gig. plz suggested me if you have any suggestion. Thank you.

Reply to @shepismehedi: There are at least two challenges with your writing gig:

  1. Your gig title says “I will create and edit Resume, CV and Cover Letter for $5” but your gig description says “If you intend a cover letter/cover letters I will supply these for $5,” implying that it is extra for the cover letters. It isn’t clear what you will actually deliver for the gig price of $5 (do you get the resume, cv, and cover letter or is the cover letter an additional $5?).

  2. Your gig description has multiple grammar and word selection errors. Since you are trying to sell your writing skills, it is likely that buyers will be hesitant to purchase your gig if the description isn’t well written.

    This comment is a polite reality check. If you actually have fantastic writing skills, then consider cleaning up the description to reflect your expertise. Your gig description is like an advertisement for your work and should show you at your very best. If you don’t have great writing skills, then perhaps you might consider building on other skills instead for gigs on fiverr? In your data entry gig you note multiple skills that you might break out into separate gigs, and then perhaps hire a writer to hone those descriptions.

    Good luck! - Sukey