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My buyers are the best


Well the holidays were not good for me. I go real sick with Pneumonia and just couldn’t do any gigs. I had a ton of gigs to do. I had a Christmas gig that got a lot of action but I just didn’t care,I was that sick. When I felt a little better I wrote to all my buyers and told them they could cancel because I was sick. Not one canceled and almost all wished me better health and I could do their gig when I got better. It was a great Christmas gift to me from my buys. I love Fiverr and the nice people I have meet doing their gigs. At 75 years old,I’m still going and doing my thing on Fiverr


Glad you have recovered! You are one of the first sellers I have noticed on Fiverr through your video gigs! May you be blessed with good health! :)>-



Us old guys gotta be careful. We ain’t 39 anymore! Stay well.


Hope you’re feeling better! Love that you have so many understanding buyers.