My buyers cannot post a review when the order is automatically completed


Hi everyone,

Have you notice anything about the order when its automatically completed and after a few days the seller cannot left a review? I just knew it now when my buyer ask me in the inbox how they will left a review because they like my service and then they said theirs no option for a review in the order page. Please left your comment… Thanks…



yea,you are right because i have been suspecting that as well because i had done up to six works without any review either positive or negative and am now wondering that is my work not perfectly okay.
And moreover how can we solve the problem now"?



Yes exactly I hope fiverr will look up on this matter. So buyers can post whats exactly they think about our work. I even notice also that the incomplete orders can be automatically completed even if the time is not started and I don’t even deliver the order. this is not really good for both buyers and sellers. Thanks for your comment.



you are welcome.
But i though fiverr is performing site maintenance today so they can still lay an emphasis on that.
looking forward to get best result from them.



Your Buyer can left you review upto the 30 days of the last delivery. It will guide you everything about it :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot for this but its the same, when i bought also the order is completed and its not even 30 days but I cannot left a review. Anyway thanks I will just contact fiver support.