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My buyer's request is empty. I can't see any request there

Please guys i really need support on this issue. someone with a great knowledge should give me a feed back please. Thanks


I think Fiverr “farms” buyer requests out to sellers using some sort of algorithm. In other words, you won’t see all (or sometimes any) relevant buyer requests at once.

Keep checking every few hours. If you do see a request you want to reply to, keep that window open in a tab, as if you close the page and come back to it later, it may not show up (because of the way Fiverr shares out different requests to different sellers at different times!) even though it’s still active.

I don’t see requests either. But in my experience in some hours it will be filled up.
Also, I realised that it takes a bit more time on weekends (Friday - Sunday) to update those requests.

okay. Thank you so much for your support.

okay. i have sent 10 offers recently but i didn’t get any message from buyers.