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My calient cancle order suddenly and open the dispute, and if decline this request so what they can complain cs

i recvie a order recently, and i do deliver as per time and as per requirments,but suddenly he/she say cancle the order, they also like some concepts, i really say if you want any revions any changing so please tell me i will do it,but calint behaviour very rudly, and disput open,but i decline this request, what my this responce calient can do report me? if calient do report me what a can do fiveer with me.

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If your client mistreated you then you can report them to CS. It is against TOS to treat sellers rudely.

CS will tell you that they cannot make the buyer accept the work and if you and the buyer do not work something out then they may let him cancel. Sometimes, you can keep refusing the cancelation and the buyer will give up and accept the order, but you will get a bad review.


Really so sad, should be avoid this type to support.Hope you get a better solution.

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It happened to me on the 7th of September. The buyer did not say what he wanted, nor did he want a revision, but a straightforward cancellation request when I made the delivery.
Sometimes it will happen, we have to work through all this.