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My cancellation is 50% , I am not getting any orders. What can I do now?


I had to cancel a buyers order because he was having hard time describing his order. So I refunded and My cancellation is now 50% because I only had 2 orders so far. Now I am not getting any orders, I dont know if order and cancellations are related. Please help me what can I do now?


You could send offers to buyer requests to have more chance to get orders. Maybe optimize gigs/create new gigs. Maybe the “logoo” part of the username might look like a mistake and might affect sales.

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For you now the best solution is sharing your gigs on social media .


thank you very much, but its just i am not getting any orders like i used to get. I got 2 orders in 1st month before that happened. So Is it really that I’m not getting orders because of cancellation ?


Okay thank you. Can you suggest me some good platform where i should post my gigs?


It’s possible you it could have affected your placement in Fiverr searches. You should still be able to post offers though in the BR section.


thank you very much for your help


I know it’s frustrating because if you aren’t getting orders and have low ratings, this tends to affect your place in the algorithm, so you’re less likely to get orders. A nasty vicious circle! But keep at it. Respond thoughtfully to buyer requests. By thoughtfully, I mean demonstrate that you understand the buyer’s needs and make sure there’s an added incentive for the buyer to choose you over another offer. Good luck!

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Yeah I know even though it was mistake of the buyer caused me cancel the order. But now I am not getting any orders, Its really frustrating . Anyway Thanks for your advice , I will keep that in mind <3 even thought I never got orders by from buyer request , maybe I don’t know how to right it properly. thanks again

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Yes, they need to be well written for sure, and need to be specific to the client’s needs and requests.

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I will try, Its just more than 100 people send request like me.Its hard to get order , but thats the last thing I can do now so i gotta try. Thank you for your help

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That’s why it helps to research your competition. See how they approach things. Then do it better! You’re welcome!

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