My cancellation rate keeps increasing because people place orders without contacting 1st


I think Fiverr should take a look at how cancellation rates are managed.

I have buyers that order my Gig and just disappear untile the Gig becomes late and am force to cancel.

This happed even when I had 7 days delivery period.



But I guess it changes nothing since my cancellation rate will still increase right ?


I faced this same problem too. Buyers should contact the seller at first before placing the order.


Many thought it a $5 job for all services here. Some need hours to complete and not like those push button link building services.


Thats exacting what I’m saying vince007

If maybe buyers were notified with a custom sentence y the buyer before they order I think it would be better.


It’s frustrating, for sure. I’ve had several where the person either accidentally placed an order (not sure how that really happens, but that’s what they say), or they order too early and won’t be able to give me what I need before the deadline. I usually don’t say anything because I still want their business, but it’s annoying to see the cancellation rate tick up when the order is still going to happen. A mutual pause button would be nice.

And then there are the ones that ask for something that violates the TOS. I hate to see those add to my percentage when I’m actually doing the right thing by upholding Fiverr’s TOS.

I’ve heard that mutual cancellations don’t count “against” the seller, but they do still count as part of the percentage. It’s just a necessary evil of doing business here.


Tighten up your descriptions and videos so people understand your gig without having to study it. Because you know they are not reading it. My wife calls it the “Man Scan”. :slight_smile:


You’re the one that needs to request cancellations if you don’t have the time to do the job. If I buy something from you and you miss your deadline, Fiverr starts telling me that I can cancel this order.

Fiverr requires commitment, this logo designer has almost 15,000 reviews, and only 8 negative ones.

His 98% rating was never due to lateness. I wish I could see his queue, back then when Fiverr showed people’s queue you’d see who has 10 orders, 50 orders, 100 orders, yet are they getting cancellations? Hardly ever.

If your buyers are disappearing, start requesting cancellations.