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My cleared fund is withdrawn without my permission

Hello mates…

It was with shock and bewilderment that I’m writing this report now. I just logged in to my fiverr account page and discover that my cleared balance of $232 has been withdrawn from my account without I initiating any withdrawal. This is very strange as I didn’t issue any withdrawal neither did I receive any email confirming the withdrawal, and the balance wasn’t credited automatically to my Payoneer account. What could be wrong?

Anyone experiencing this? Men, I’m almost fainting already…


This is really strange .You should contact CS ASAP.

I have contacted CS and still waiting for their reply. I just can’t believe this is actually happening. :cold_sweat:

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This is really strange! Did you hear anything from the CS?

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It is really sad…

Yeah, I just ot a reply from them now, and this is what it reads:

Mario (Fiverr Customer Support)

Apr 11, 6:26 PM EDT


Hi Stephen,

Please contact Payoneer requesting information about your funds and also, please change your password

We are replying to you at this email address to authorize this account’s ownership. Your cooperation in verifying the account with the procedures below is appreciated in enforcing the security of the account.

In the meantime, withdrawing revenue from this account has been disabled until further notice.

You can either authenticate with information from your PayPal account or your Fiverr Revenue Card. All of the requested materials must be produced from either selection.

Account authentication through PayPal:

  1. A Fiverr-related PayPal transaction ID that corresponds to the FIRST PayPal account used on the Fiverr account in question (please do not send a screenshot).
  2. Please provide us with the FIRST PayPal email address that was used on this Fiverr account.

Account Authentication through your Fiverr Revenue Card:

  1. Your Funding Source ID associated to your Fiverr Revenue Card, which you can find in Account Activity > Funding Sources once logged in to your Payoneer account (please do not send a screenshot).
  2. Please confirm your security question (question only , not the answer)

Reporting the issue

We ask for your understanding in going through this process as we take the security of the account seriously. To help provide us more insight on the issue, we that you explain how this may have occurred.

Were you contacted on Fiverr with a user providing a suspicious URL? Were you asked to communicate off of Fiverr, and if so, did someone send you a link to click?

Note: Although we immediately reported this case to our Risk Management team and then to Paypal, we cannot guarantee the collection of the funds that were withdrawn from Fiverr. For privacy concerns, we are unable to report the PayPal account responsible for this action based on PayPal’s policy agreement.


Men, I just can’t believe this. Totally dumbfounded. :no_mouth::no_mouth:

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I had an issue once where my fiverr funds were $0.00. It must have been a temporary bug in the system cuz in a couple hours it was fixed.

In his case it’s obvious that his account was hacked.

Men, I’m i can’t believe it. Jesus help me.

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Just follow the steps that fiverr support advised you to do and there is a chance that you can get your money back

I’m so sorry. How unnerving.

I hope you changed your password for all accounts involved.

You must have clicked a phishing link. They collected you Fiverr, Payoneer and email password.

Those links are becoming much on Fiverr.

I have submitted all that they required. I’m sill waiting to hear from them.

Honestly, i don’t know.

I have changed password for all accounts involved, but ecept for fiverr because, they have temporarily taken down my account for further investigation.

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Fiverr said they couldn’t find any trace of hacking activity on my account, and there is nothing wrong at all. Alright, but they are still keeping my account restricted, even when I have ask them to lift the restriction since they couldn’t find any security breach on my account. It’s approaching two weeks already and Fiverr still won’t lift the “Trust & Safety” restriction put on my account following the complain of missing money from my account. I find this very awkward and confusing at the same time.

Dear Fiverr, please, I need to get back online and start working again. I have a family to cater for. I have already lost $232 to only God-knows-who, and now I’m restricted from working (for complaining legitimately). This to me is like double jeopardy.

I know fiverr would want to get to the bottom of this, but since they have concluded that there is nothing wrong with the account, why not allow me to get back to business? I’m loosing clients and reputation already. This is not fair! I shouldn’t be suffering this way.

Please, breath the life back on my account and let my fingers work hard again.

Any one ever experienced this before?