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My clicks and views are falling down regularly

My clicks and views are falling down regularly,
please help me how to raise my views and clicks?

check whether your gigs are in the search results

@esthernyambura may I ask how you do that?

@melany77 please read my article I have just posted which explains a few things:

John :slight_smile:

Mine as well . I don’t know how to help you , I just hope it a fiverr slow period .

Clicks and views aren’t as important as your conversion ratio. Instead of trying to raise clicks and views, you should be looking at your conversion ratio which shows the percentage of people who saw your gig decided to make a purchase. Focus on what it takes to close the sale and increase your conversion ratio. Don’t worry about clicks and views, because they don’t mean as much as you think they do.

You will only use fiverr search bar to search for your gigs. For instance, lets assume that one of your gigs has a heading that reads this way( I will write 300 words for $5
You will not need to search for the whole heading on the search bar.
Just write this ( write 300 words

Just remember that you are searching for your gig and not sellers profiles.

That means you should change something in your gig, maybe something in your title or description. Also, you need to promote. I’ve found Twitter to be invaluable for this.

Thanks for your help esthernyambura, I do appreciate it :slight_smile:

That´s right, I swear by social media marketing, I have gone that route since a few years, in fact shortly after Twitter was born.

What can we consider a good ratio?

Do any of you have any tips to help someone with no experience get the most out of using Twitter or other social media outlets?

5.5% to 6.5% is pretty good, although some sellers convert much higher. Also, I don’t know if the conversion ratio on your analytics page includes repeat clients who typically don’t visit your gig page to make an order, but just re-order via their order management page.

This. Also start advertising more on social media, forums, etc. to get your name.

Exactly. Conversions should be the name of everyone’s game.

Who cares if the entire internet clicked onto your profile / gigs page if no body is buying.

Test your headlines, description copy, gig photo regularly.

I’ve tested a few Videos for my gigs as everyone has always stated that it boosts conversions by upto 220%.

Videos tend to drop my conversions.

Test Test Test

I think most of us sellers would appreciate a much more deeper level of analytics and link tracking.

#PleaseFiverr ??

how can i advertise in forum?

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okay thank you.

hi there,
is it necessary that you must have large number of followers on twitter if you need to advertise your gig on twitter?

Mine is 0.3%. But, I guess it’s because most of my buyers are repeated. I never even knew about this until now. Thank you!